Raport Rod'a Smallwood'a - BRIXTON

specjalne raporty z A Matter of Life And Death World Tour 2006/2007!

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Raport Rod'a Smallwood'a - BRIXTON

Postautor: WICKER MAN » sob wrz 22, 2007 8:00 pm

Rod - Brixton
Published: July 6, 2007


Did any of you see "My Name is Earl" on TV last night. Earl was wearing the Maiden "Can l Play with Madness" T-shirt for pretty much the whole first half of the programme. Looked great!! Companies have to get our permission for use of our stuff due to copyright on our logo on film/TV and normally they do request permission but l have no record of a request for this -- though Val may have given it in my absence as she knows l am a big fan of Earl!!! Anyway l would have given it anyway -- we normally do but l would turn down anything inappropriate or crap -- like Big Brother type stuff, though l doubt if any of our fans would go on something as tawdry as this! Earl is a terrific programme. If you haven't seen it, do so -- or get the first series on DVD. It's surreal -- l don't know what the writers are on but l would try it!! Last night's episode was particularly weird.

Again a bit late on this but here we go. At home during the day then went up to Brixton in a car with Kathy and the kids who all wanted to see the show and were seeing some friends of ours who were coming along too (all for the first time and they genuinely enjoyed it greatly). Of course they all paid full price -- we don't have any freebies for this at all. All the guests had to pay which increased the gross for Clive nicely. Traffic was murder but eventually got there in time for Parikrama. You will know the connection now from previous diaries but suffice to say they didn't let us down and did a really good set. They told me after that the trip over had been very good for them and created massive interest in India. Hope they get back here sometime. On these shows we always offer the support some payment but Parikrama turned it down flat, as did Lauren -- who also put on a very good show as always -- and most of the other bands who have done these shows with us.

The backstage bar was pretty full with all the band's (paying for a change!!) guests and families and really had a great atmosphere. Spent some time talking to people l hadn't seen for a while and then had a good chat with Clive. There is only minor change since l last saw him which is good and he really does enjoy seeing everyone and much appreciates the support you all give him. He asked me to say thanks. He really is a lovely person.
As it was a Sunday we started the show a bit earlier so we were on stage soon after 8.30 and the band were on fire tonight. They really enjoy playing these small intimate venues when they get chance and they really played exceptionally well. The crowd loved it and l recognised many of the fans there. Due to the stage size we couldn't get all the production in -- for example Bruce's "bridges" were missing so he had to go up and down the steps -- but no worries, Dickie got in as much as he could.

A few comments. Firstly if you were unable to get an event shirt, sorry. We had over a thousand made which is more than last time, yet they still all went. We only sell them on the night as its such a special event so if you missed out l cant help l am afraid, next time l will arrange even more. The merch all did well and of course all the profits went to Clive Aid to add to the gig profit. I don't know yet what the final total was but we will post on the web when finalised.

Thanks to everyone who helped. Bravado arranged and sold all the merch for nothing with the only cost being deducted was the actual price of the item. Our agent John Jackson and promoter Andy Copping / Live Nation provided their services for nothing as did our TV/Radio promotion team Tony and CJ at Scream Promotions. Although the show sold out immediately on going sale to the public, after the fan club priority accounted for more than half during the FC presale, it was still good to have the show mentioned on the radio (especially XFM's one and only Ian Camfield!) Despite having to pay for their tickets for a change a number of media and journos were there -- take a bow Jerry and Dave! Thanks to all our suppliers for giving us good prices -- there are so many charity shows around nowadays that suppliers, trucking etc cant afford to give their services for free as it involves real cost but they were all very helpful and did what they could which was appreciated. For those l may have forgotten ......... thanks!!

After the show -- our last one on this small run -- l saw the band (Dave and Nicko were returning home a couple of days later) and said goodbye to Clive (who of course came up on stage with the guys at the end of the show to rapturous applause which clearly moved him), saw a few people briefly in the bar then got the rest of the family into their car to head back to Hove while my eldest son Tom and l took a car up to London where we were staying for a couple of nights whilst l was in the office and Tom was doing his work experience with a surgeon on Harley Street. Blood does not phase him!!

So all in all a terrific last night of this tour. Quiet for a few months now but we may do a little bit (!) next year so keep an eye on the site news section over the next few months.

- Rod

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