Raport Rod'a Smallwood'a - CHICAGO/LOS ANGELES

specjalne raporty z A Matter of Life And Death World Tour 2006/2007!

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Raport Rod'a Smallwood'a - CHICAGO/LOS ANGELES

Postautor: WICKER MAN » sob paź 21, 2006 10:18 pm

Rod: Los Angeles



So the day of the Chicago show - the 18th - we flew out of Detroit into Chicago in the late afternoon arriving at the gig around 6pm. Had a good meal backstage - the promoters have all treated our crew with very good catering wiht a good selection of soup, salads, main courses, desserts, cheese and various drinks. If an army marches on its stomach our guys should be marching well, and they are. Except for the mishap with the tank in Camden all the production aspects have been working very well.

It was Bullet's last show and they did great on this tour. It is a bit spoilt for them by the attitude of some so-called Iron Maiden fans at some of the gigs giving them the finger and thumbs down and other negative stuff. This is a very good band and anyway, any support should be treated with some respect. Being overtly negative and in some cases antagonistic does not get Maiden on stage any quicker and these bands are there to play for the audience - we try to get good bands for you guys, but new bands, young bands who deserve a shot. If people dont like it they should go back to the bar. I really would expect all Maiden fans to give the musicians in these bands a bit of respect and give them a chance. Those who dont are very much a minority and by far the majority have been very cool and supportive but this minority is a real pain in the arse and l dont think they are anywhere near as clever as they smugly seem to think they are - they are just bloody rude and if l could get away with it l would have them kicked out!!!!

The show went extremely well, around 9000 pretty much what we expected and the hall looked good. Getting to grips with the complexity of this album is tough and takes some time but it is now really starting to come through, the sound was generally good and the band had a good sound on stage and the hall took care of the AC and doors so it was warm and largely draught-free which is great. The old goose pimples now starting to come on when the band really hits its stride.

After the show it was straight off to the airport for the flight to LA. About a 4 hour flight but with a 2 hour time difference got us in to LAX at about 1.3am. We had some sushi and pizzas and sandwiches on board and plenty of drinks. Red wine or/and beer is the general choice. Jan likes his Corona, Steve gets a special beer before the flight but I'm not sure of the name, Nicko as everyone knows is a red wine nut. H, Dave, Bruce and myself generally have a bit of both. We talked for quite a while on all sorts of subjects including the tale of how Nicko and l first met but thats censored!! After a while the cards came out and Nick, Ian, Davey and l played 7 card brag - l won $15 so consider it to be a very successful flight!!

On arriving at LAX we all splintered off into different cars, everyone has a different preference in LA and some have families in town so we stay at different hotels with most of band at various places near the beach. l always stay in Hollywood so l can get together with agents, promoters for meetings/dinner. All by myself and with no-one (ie Ian and Gaddsy) to tell me when to get up and when to be ready to go so l will prob miss the gig tomorrow!! Had dinner with our agents Rick and Rob from CAA last night and tonight out with friends from our promoters Live Nation. Hope it doesnt get too silly as l will need my brain working tomorrow. Cant wait for the show. Been sold out (16,000) for a week and the place will be rammed tomorrow. So will backstage - always madness here as we know so many people and everyone wants to be at this show. and after a couple of days off in the sun the guys will be raring to go.

We leave for Tokyo early sunday morning so it will be a few days before my next diary which will be from Tokyo probably Tuesday with thetime differences etc.

- Rod
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