Raport Nicko McBrain'a - CHICAGO

specjalne raporty z A Matter of Life And Death World Tour 2006/2007!

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Raport Nicko McBrain'a - CHICAGO

Postautor: WICKER MAN » sob paź 21, 2006 10:20 pm

Nicko: Chicago


Hotel room in Newport Beach CL
Time: 6:30pm
21st October 2006

Well, well, well, Chicago, Chicago, I love it. What a great show. We were on fire and all having a wonderful time.

We arrived from Detroit the night before at around 1pm. I went straight to me bed while the rest of the chaps went out for a bevvie.
The next day I popped out to a vintage drum shop that me old china, Bill Ludwig, suggested. It was Steve Maxwell’s Pro Percussion on North Michigan Drive. What a great shop loads of vintage Rogers drums, not too many Ludwigs, which is what I was more interested in. I perused around there for about twenty minutes and then headed back towards me hotel.
I was on the hunt for a new pair of shoes. I found a pair in a shop just around from the hotel. I headed over to my room for a rest.

Harry and myself left for the gig at 5:30 pm and arrived at 6: 30pm. He went and had a massage and I popped up to check out me tubs. Tonight was the last show with Bullet. A big Thank You to them for being such a good bunch of guys and playing their socks off each night. Good luck too you guys!!!!!

A few of me chums turned up and I had a chance to see them back stage before the show. Sorry too all for the ticket problems that we encountered but these sorts of things happen from time to time. Great seeing, Lisa Ludwig and her chums, Darren Sachs who by the way gave me a wonderful golf shirt, (that got used today)
Paul and his pal from Willow Creek and to everyone else that was there. Thanks for coming.

We hit the stage at 8:35pm and had the best gig of the tour so far. I didn’t play my best but the rest of the guys rocked the house down. No major problems reared their ugly head and all went great. The audience was on fire and was with us all the way. We are at our peak now and things are really hitting up. The crowd was right there. They loved the new stuff live and rocked even harder when we kicked into FOTD. It was a truly great show.

We did a runner after, but had to drive to Midway as the plane could not land at O’Hare. We were at the airport at around 11pm and were airborne at 11:15pm. Ian had arranged a beautiful G4 for our long journey over to L.A. It was a larger plane than we were using before. This one had places for 15 people. Lots of room. We played some cards to while away the journey and of course drank copious amounts of red wine.
We arrived into LAX at 2pm and we all went our different ways.
We all are staying in our preferred hotels. Most of the guys are in Santa Monica but I like where I am. Steve is over here with me but in a different hotel and Ian is at my hotel.

Yesterday I got up and went to have lunch with my friend, Kelly Paiste, unfortunately Erik her husband is over in Switzerland on business so it was just the two of us. After lunch I went and met a friend of hers to play some golf. His name is Gary. We teed off at 2pm and were joined by another friend of Gary’s on the 9th hole. His name is also Gary so I had to address him as G man. (funny that, because today we played again and I had on my FBI shirt that Darren had given me). We had the best time; I wasn’t playing very well until after G-man’s arrival with a six pack of Coronas. Great what a libation can do for you I can tell you!!!!

We finished up and had a farewell drink together. Kelly had arranged a limo to take me back too the hotel so I was back in my room by 7:30pm. I had a wash and went for a stroll. I found a great restaurant about half a mile from the hotel and treated meself to a lobster dinner. It was scrumptious.
After dinner I walked back to the hotel and then went to bed early. I had arranged to play golf again with Gary.
He picked me up at 9am and we were on the tee for 9:50am.
G-man arrived and so we had a threesome. Sounds rather rude don’t it!!!!!TEEHEE.
We finished the round and I didn’t do as well as the day before but a good time was had by all.
Funny, we are going to dinner tonight, Guess where. Yes, you got it. The Lobster restaurant. I can’t wait. Well I best be off as I’m in need of a shower and I have to get ready.

Take care and be well
God bless you all.
Ta Ta.

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