Raport Nicko McBrain'a - HIROSZIMA

specjalne raporty z A Matter of Life And Death World Tour 2006/2007!

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Raport Nicko McBrain'a - HIROSZIMA

Postautor: WICKER MAN » pt paź 27, 2006 11:15 am

Nicko: Hiroshima


In hotel room Hiroshima Japan
Time: 6 “Kin 30 in the morning
October 27, 2006

Well, well, well here we are then, another wonderful night of disturbed rest and ‘Kin fire sirens, police ‘Kin cars and what not waking me up. I can’t believe that I am still so “Kin lagged. When will I ever get a good nights sleep? Might have to get completely blottoed or something like that. Who “Kin knows?

Well, we had a fantastic gig last night!
Went on stage at 7:40pm. Late one then????
I watched a bit of Lauren’s show last night. She was rockin, a chip off the old bloke that one I can tell you! The crowd loved her and rightly so. Really good tunes and a great bunch of musicians with her. Well done Lauren!!!

It was our turn and I got changed and went to have a blast on me small kit, well imagine my surprise when I got into the room and found me kit had been tampered with, yes tampered with boys and girls. A certain young man by the name of Austin Dickinson had been in there fiddling with me tubs, I had to have serious words with ‘im I did. TEEHEE!!!!!!

So off too the stage we go. Intro tape starts and then we’re off. Great little venue. A big stage and an intimate audience. There were less people in than I first thought but boy did they have a great time. Around 1200 billies. There were again a couple of mistakes but we sorted around them, all was cool.!!

Steve had a few technical problems with his radio transmitter and Michael Kenny had to make an appearance. It didn’t take him very long to sort it; also my snare drum went on the fritz. The snare string holding the tension on the snares wires had broken so I had to get it swapped over to me spare it happened to go right in the middle of Legacy. So Bruce is up with me standing to me right and I’m yelling to him that me snare was ‘Kin messed up and that I would have too change it over. He didn’t understand what I was yelling so he came around the kit so he could hear me, He was standing right behind me just as we got to the end of the tune. Well, I give the gong a doing at the end there, so I pick up me mallet and go to clobber the gong and he’s ‘Kin standing right in the way soppy sod. He could have got a doing right in the fisshog!

Well, Charlie is very quick at changing the drum over and in no time at all I’m ready to go The show was great!
When we finished I did a runner with Dave, Tamara and Jan.
Got back to the hotel and had a shower. I was feeling very hungry so had our promoter arrange for some traditional Hiroshima cooking. I went to a great place, no idea where it was but I sat down and was given a very warm welcome. Had some great food. Traditional Oysters grilled on the old hot plate and a little meat dish accompanied with some veggies. Lovely it was I can tell you!!!!

After dinner I strolled over the main road and saw an Irish bar I thought to me self I bet Jan’s in there so I popped up too the bar and had a mosey. Yes, there he was. I joined him and had a wee glass of coke cola, yes boys and girls I’m on the antibiotics remember? After that it was time to head back. I was feeling VERY tired by this time and thought that I would definitely have a great sleep.

On our way out we bumped into Bruce and Paddy coming out of the elevator. Jan decided to turn around and go back into the bar so I said my goodnight and jumped in a cab back to the hotel.

Well, you know the rest well, that is not what I got was it? TEEHEE.
We’re heading back to Tokyo this morning so I’m looking forward to another ride on the bullet train. Day off today so I will be finding a traditional restaurant for dinner this evening. Look forward to that as well.

I’m off now!
Stay safe and well
God bless you all.
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