Raport Nicko McBrain'a - HELSINKI

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Raport Nicko McBrain'a - HELSINKI

Postautor: WICKER MAN » czw lis 16, 2006 4:01 pm

Nicko: Helsinki


Production Office Hartwall arena, Helsinki Finland
Time; 9:15pm
November 15th 2006

Well, well, well, I do hope that all’s well with you lot out there?
We are having such a blast I can tell you. Last nights show was a blinder. We blew the roof off of the place. Well, not literally AAAHHHEEE.

So yesterday was the first of two shows that we are playing here at the Hartwall arena in Helsinki.

We all met in the lobby at 4:30pm to go to the show for a sound-check; we arrived at the venue at 5 o’clock. After about a half hour of tinkering with the sound we were done, should be a ‘Kin great sound on stage tonight.
I stayed at the venue and experienced the tour catering for the first time. It was very nice indeed. I had a piece of perch, fish accompanied by some chips and peas, washed down with a nice mug of rosie. Very nice it was I can tell you!!!!!!

After dinner I went and had a look at Trivium. I decided to go out to the mixing desk to hear them and it was a lot better sound than in Tampere. They were very good this evening and I really liked a couple of their tunes. Not over gone on the growling vocals but that’s the new American type of rock. Each to his own I say. Apart from that I really like this band!!!!!!!

After 25 minutes I headed back to the dressing room. We were to be presented with a Platinum album from our record label EMI at 8:30pm and it was getting close to that time. We all met with the record company and had a few smudges made with all the reps and execs from the label, and took the opportunity to have a wee chat with them all. The Platinum disc is really cool. Thank you too all of our Finnish fans for making this one of our most successful records ever THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

After the presentation we went to get ready for the show.
There was an air of anticipation and frivolity in the dressing room, there was a few jokes flying around and we were all in very high spirits. We were definitely ready for this show.

Well, what a great gig it was I can tell you. We were on fire and the audience, were fantastic. Very loud and singing along with the new tunes. It was a magic evening. When we all hit the dressing room after the gig we were all saying how great the evening had been and that the crowd were with us from the off. What a night.

After the gig, Bruce, Steve, H and I took our showers and then a couple of drinks were delivered. Davey and Jan did a runner back to the hotel.
We left the venue at 12:30am and made our way back to the hotel. When we arrived we decided to join Andy T and the gang for a night cap but alas we hadn’t telephoned through our order to Andy like we did the night of our arrival and so got the bad news that they had closed the ‘Kin bar. The night manager was a complete tosser and would not let the bar staff serve us. They were still there at the bar getting ready, I know, to go home but nothing would persuade him to relent.
Oh well, that meant an early night. AAAHHHHEEEEE

This morning I went and had a breakfast with, Ena and Pete DeVroom.
Later today the band had a meeting scheduled with our Lawyer, David Gentle. He had arrived with his son Jake the day before. He really enjoyed our gig last night.

So, we were sorting out the business of the day and were finished by 2pm. Bruce and Geezer Gadd went off to a kart track for the afternoon. They were meeting the worlds #1 racecar driver, Kimi Raikkonen and his manager Riku. Apparently Bruce gave Kimi a good run for his money. He came in with a fast lap of 30.183, just behind Kimi’ 29.947 lap. ‘Kin impressive that AAAHHHEEE.
Geezer’s fastest time was 33.487.

They were stoked I can tell you. Well you would be after racing with the world’s top driver now wouldn’t you?

We did a sound check again today. Cor blimmy mate, what’s going on here then? I can’t remember the last time we did as many checks. It is always worth the effort. You can work on getting the right balance of sound for the front of the stage. I’m happy that we did this as the sound was so much better for us than the night before.

What a great gig it was as well. The audience seemed a little quieter than the night before but, boy; they still rocked out with us.
It always amazes me how each night is different. That’s what live, honest, music is all about. You feel the moment. (That’s what she said last night) TEEHEE

Well, enough of that. I’m actually writing the rest of this diary from my hotel room in Stockholm. We flew in early this morning after our second of two shows there in Helsinki.
After the gig we took a leisurely shower and then left for our flight here. It was only a 45 minute journey on the plane. It was very nice as well. Couple of glasses of Ducru and a beer or two was delivered. When we arrived I went straight to me bed. Had a wonderful LONG sleep and awoke at midday today. Obviously needed boys and girls.
Well, I’m off now.

We have a nice dinner party with the record label and our Scandinavian promoter, Tors, this evening He’s a great guy and he likes his red wine so you can guess who I’ll be sitting next to tonight don’t you. I know boys and girls. I promise to be on my very best behavior this evening!!!! PROMISE, TEEHEE

Stay safe and well
God bless you all.

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