Raport Nicko McBrain'a - GOTEBORG, OSLO

specjalne raporty z A Matter of Life And Death World Tour 2006/2007!

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Raport Nicko McBrain'a - GOTEBORG, OSLO

Postautor: WICKER MAN » sob lis 25, 2006 2:13 pm

Nicko: Oslo

Hotel room Oslo Norway
Time: 3:15pm
November 21, 2006

Well, well, well, had a nice day so far and an even better evening last night.

We played at the Scandinavian Arena in Gothenburg Sweden.
It was a smashing gig. We played really well again and had a remarkably good time on stage. Lots of fun tonight I can tell you!!
At the intro to TRoBB I come out in front of the drums as I usually do to sit on the steps to watch Mr. Murray play that intro. I just love hearing his guitar on that section. Well, Bruce came up behind me and squashed me between his legs locking me in place with vice like energy. It was getting close to the end of the intro and he would not let me up. Well, he started joking with the audience saying, “Shall we let the drummer up or leave him here”?
I was getting in a bit of a pickle I can tell you, so with all the strength I could muster I stood up trying to carry Bruce on my shoulders. It nearly worked but he managed to jump off just as I was rising up.
I love it when things out of the ordinary happen like this, it really makes the evening a little more special. Of coarse sometimes things like that can go horribly wrong, but not tonight.
We all had a blast and backstage we all were in agreement that it was a stunning gig. Loads of energy and good playing!!!!!

After the show we had our showers and got ready for the drive to the airport. We had decided to come straight up to Oslo after show.
It was only a 40 minute flight and then the drive from the airport to downtown. The drive is about 45 minutes and we were at the hotel at around 1:30am.
Well, when we arrived there were two fans waiting for us at the hotel doorway. I asked them how they knew when we would be here in Oslo. One guy said that it was a secret as to how they knew so he didn’t want to tell me his source. ‘Kin cheek, all I wanted to know was how or who told him only as a matter of interest.
Oh well, ‘Kin bollox that’s all I can say about that!!!!!!!! TEEHEE

This afternoon I went for a nice stroll with Ena and Minnie, we had a pit stop at a nice coffee house and had a rest from our travels. We sat outside with our drinks and I had a nice warm blanket to put over me knees. ‘Kin great that. Most of the restaurants have places to sit outside and they all have either heaters or blankets for you to take advantage of, very civilized.
We then decided to go to the Hard Rock café here in Oslo for a spot of lunch. Well, can you believe it, when we got the ‘Kin bill they had charged us for the ‘Kin vinegar AND the mayonnaise. I was astounded, what a ‘Kin liberty that was, especially as there were a host of our wonderful fans coming into their restaurant for smudges and autographs and whatnot.
Anyway, I had a word with the manager but to now avail, she would not relent and so kept the charge on the bill. Can you believe that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are playing at the Oslo Valhall this evening. Looking forward to that.

Oh yes I forgot to tell you that I had a very pleasant day off in Stockholm on Sunday. I slept till late and then arranged to meet with Sola for an early meal. I did have a wonderful hour with a remarkable therapist who worked on my back. I had to go to her office and she gave me acupuncture to relieve me stress and some electric shock treatment and a deep tissue massage. I felt like a million dollars after I can tell you!!!!

After the treatment, Sola and I went to a wonderful seafood restaurant. It was great. We had a nice bottle of Chablis, yes boys and girls I did say Chablis. I know what you’re thinking. He usually drinks the red right well, I fancied a change didn’t I??? So I did see!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Had an early night and was ready for the next day’s adventure.

Star safe and well
God bless you all.
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