Raport Nicko McBrain'a - NICKO W TRASIE!

specjalne raporty z A Matter of Life And Death World Tour 2006/2007!

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Raport Nicko McBrain'a - NICKO W TRASIE!

Postautor: WICKER MAN » sob wrz 22, 2007 7:57 pm

Nicko on the road
Published: June 23, 2007

On board flight from Stanstead to Rome.
Time: 1:50pm
June 20, 2007

Well, well, well, how the "kin blazes are you all?
I'm doing very well thank you!!!.
Just had a very nice couple of days off and I'm ready to get back into the last 4 shows of our 'Matter of the Beast' tour.

Well, let me see where to begin. Since me last diary I have been very busy catching up with old chums and playing some golf and what-not. The last couple of weeks have been really cool. My chum Phil and Emma Hilborne have had a wee baby boy named George Vincent, he was eleven weeks premature and weighed just three pounds two ounces when he arrived. Mum was originally going to have a C section but George decided it was time to pop out on his own. He arrived into the world at 2:54am on the 8th of June. He came out feet first and was having a wee cry as well, which is great news as that means that his lungs were developed.

I went over to see him with my son Nicholas on Monday and George was doing well. He opened his eyes and saw us which was a delight. Only worry is that he forgets to breathe sometimes and so he will either revive himself or the nurses have to give him a little oxygen to help get him going again.
I popped my hand in his little incubator and he grabbed hold of me finger, (judging from his grip he is definitely going to be, much to the dismay of his dad, who happens to be one of our countries finest guitar players ----- a drummer). When I mentioned this fact to Phil he was not, as you can gather, too amused.
After we left the hospital we decided to have a late lunch. We stopped off at a drinking establishment local to where we were and had a nice spot of nose bag.
After which Nicky and I headed back too Chalfont.
Later that evening we had a carry out from our local Chinese.

Very nice !!!!!!!!!!!

While I've been in England I've been staying with my son Nick. We have been having a great time together. Up until lately he was playing with a band called the Fay Wrays but alas things didn't work out so he is on the market for a gig, so if there is anyone out there that wants a stonking drummer please get in touch with our office and let them know.

So, we have been busy with a bunch of shows over the last couple of weeks. They have all been cracking shows. We did however have one show where there were horrendous problems with the on stage sound. We were besieged with 'Kin feedback all through the gig. In all the years with the band I can say that it has never been as bad as it was. It really is a downer when that happens, but alas there is at that time not much one can do about it!!!!! "Kin marvelous!!!!!!
It happened in Ludwigshafen in Germany, the show BEFORE Donnington, well you can imagine how we all felt about it, a wee bit nervous and all. But, I am happy too tell you, it was sorted out and we had an absolute blast on stage at the Donnington show My goodness what a night!!!!
The gig went great and I had an immensely good time I can tell you!!!!!!
After the gig I went back to the Marriott 'Forest of Arden'. The previous day I had arranged a round of golf on the Ayelsford coarse. I played with my friend Dennis, he drives for Ian when he needs to get into London and such. We had a blast I shot an 84. Not to shabby!!!!
Sunday was a hoot I met with so many friends, it was a very pleasant day. Andy Matthews and Candice came to stay at the hotel for the night. Andy and I had a tee time for Monday, also me good chum Clive Morton and his wife Georgia arrived as did me old okka Dave Beal and his son Jay. We had a very nice lunch and then it was time to head to the gig.
It was pandemonium I can tell you. Back stage was like a 'Kin war zone. There were so many people and a whole bunch of muso's that it had a big party atmosphere.
I went and hid in our little paddock and had a warm up on me tubs.
I did however get to see the lovely, Amy Lee, with her band 'Evanescence', I love her more than she loves ME!!!!!!!TEEHEE.
They were jamming, what a great band.

When it was show time we headed over to the stage and waited at least 15 minutes before we were ready. It was deja vu of Donnington 88. Well, once we got going it was a brilliant night.

So, Andy, Dennis and myself had a great round of golf on the Arden course. I shot really well on the front a 40 but alas the first 3 holes on the back got me big time. I shot a double bogey on 10 an 4 over on 11 and a massive 6 over on the par five 12. Bollox, When we stopped at the turn for a wee libation Big Tony, the guy that looks after the watering hole said "if ya get in the rough hit out sideways", did I listen NO I didn't. On the 12 I sliced me drive into the 'Kin rough so I got out me 5 iron and thought I could hack the ball out at least the 140 yards or so too the 150 marker, alas I only moved the 'Kin ball about 10 yards and then I couldn't find the ball. So when I did I decided to have another go this time I shanked the bloody thing another 10 yards, well, I decided that I was going to do a 'Kevin'as in Costner from the movie 'Tin Cup' I wasn't going to give up until I had removed that 'Kin ball from the rough, Hence the big score of 11. Oh well, such is the delights of the game we Love To Hate.

After the round, Oh yes, I ended up shooting an embarrassing 93.
AAAHHHEEEE!!!!!!!! Dennis and I decided that we would play some more holes. Big T had arranged for us to play the Ayelsford course again, bless 'im. We played straight through. There wasn't anybody out on the course. I did however redeem meself shooting a respectable 81. Had a blast.

What's next?
Oh yes I've been over to Milton Keynes a few times to see my very dear friend Jim Marshall. He has been very poorly these last 4 months and has been away in hospital with double pneumonia
He's at home at last and is doing very well. He is getting stronger each day and will soon be back at the helm and sorting out ALL of the naughty boys and girls that have been playing hooky at work. I would love to be a fly on the wall when THAT happens, TEEHEE!!!!!!

Last night we played in Bilbao. What a 'Kin gig it was too!
We are on fire again and we're having the best time once again.

The night before that, we played at the Olympic stadium in Rome to about 25,000 billies. What a night! What a gig!!!!!!!!!!

After the show I was supposed to meet me old chums 'Anthenora' (they are the band I play with when I do me drum shows in Italy) back at the hotel, Well, what a fool I am. When we did our runner from the venue I had forgotten to put me long pants in me running bag and I didn't have another pair with me so I couldn't go down to meet anyone. Bollox!
Sorry to me mates for not seeing you all!!!

Well, as you may have gathered I'm writing this sitting on a flight from Bilbao to Belgium. Rod is sitting next to me doing his next enthralling master piece for you lot. The rest of the guys are kicking back and chilling out after we are all, with the exception of Davey, getting over being, a wee bit, ever so slightly, 'Over served' last night at the bar. We had a very nice evening. The staff kept the bar open until the last man standing. "Emm, I wonder who that was"????????????

Stay safe and well!
God bless you all


Thank you to all me friends that gave me some wonderful wine (for me birthday-------- 49?) and also to me friends from Poland for the lovely golf gifts.
God bless you *

* Przypis "redakcji" - Nicko wspomina o naszej ekipie - MaYeR, WICKER MAN itp. Prezent daliśmy mu na backstage'u w Ostrawie:

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