Chris Jericho o Di'anno

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Chris Jericho o Di'anno

Postautor: MaYeR » ndz gru 10, 2006 12:56 pm

Chris Jericho - amerykański wrestler przeprowadził wywiad z Paulem Di'anno.
Oto krótkie streszczenie rozmowy:

He says it's hard to be a lead singer because as is your performance is as the entire show is, wondered if that made any sense & says if you sing great the show's great but if you sing like s***, the show's like s***. He says if you don't sing you'll get replaced & kicked out of the band, just like Paul Di'Anno & says "segway alert". He says Paul was kicked out of Iron Maiden not because he couldn't sing & figured it may've been an attitude problem, drinking, "shmoking" weed & "other" various narcotics. He says lots of people still think that Paul's the definitive singer for Iron Maiden, says it's ludacrious & it's obvious that it's Blaze Bayley. He says he got ya, says it's Bruce [Dickinson] that's the voice of Iron Maiden & says Paul's fans have some merit. He says Paul's a great singer, says Iron Maiden's style was different then & wasn't the ethnic prog rock band like they are today & even in their glory years. He says Paul's a very solid singer & had a real good range, says people would say "well he's more of a punky style singer", says no & says Paul was more of a "gruf" punk edge but also had a high range. He says the reason why he wanted to play some Di'Anno music's that Paul's now 1 of his friends on MySpace: as well as Dickinson: , says he's such a MySpace nerd that even though he's friends with Paul & Bruce, Paul sent him a message by telling him that he did a great job. He says that Paul obviously loves the show, says he's not sure if Paul's ever heard the show or figured either he saw his site: or his MySpace site. He says maybe Paul does listen to the show & if he does, he gives a shoutout & props to Paul, says thanks & welcomes him to his show. He says Paul's been in a calvacade of bands over the years & mentions Praying Mantis, Battlezone, Killers, Beast & says Paul's new record's out called "The Living Dead". He says the thing about Paul's that he knows where his bread & butter is because every record he does a cover of 1 of his own Maiden songs, says even on the "Numbers Of The Beast" tribute record that he [Y2J] did where he did "The Evil That Men Do" with Paul Gilbert on guitar, says Paul was on there too doing "Wrathchild". He asks as to how can you be on a tribute to your own band, says he thought it'd be cool if Paul sang a Dickinson song such as "Paul sings 'Children Of The Damned'" & says that's a money maker, but for Paul to do "Wrathchild" on a Maiden tribute record & says he did "Wrathchild" on the original & asks as to where's the beef. He says the beef's right here in the pants of XM Radio & written on the top of Calvin Klein's is The Rock Of Jericho, says he has no idea as to where he's going there & says this is Di'Anno, Iron Maiden & "The ROJ" on a Sunday night.
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Re: Chris Jericho o Di'anno

Postautor: Abstract » pn gru 11, 2006 6:13 pm

No wiele o Paulu się nie dowiedzieliśmy ... Jaki był, taki jest :/
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Re: Chris Jericho o Di'anno

Postautor: BeBe » pn gru 11, 2006 8:46 pm

Proszę, to Brucie też ma Myspace ? :>

A tak wracając:
Może ktoś przetłumaczyć, bo po angielsku to męczarnia ciut jest.

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Re: Chris Jericho o Di'anno

Postautor: zorro » pt gru 15, 2006 7:56 pm

przepraszam czy to jest strona anglojezyczna ????????nie kazdy umie gawarit pa angielski !!!!hihi przetlumaczcie to dla takich tumanow jak ja!!!!!!!!!!

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