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Family Tree

Dennis Wilcock - original lead vocalist (Nov 1976 - Mid 1977). Left IRON MAIDEN permanently to form V1 with Terry Wapram (also former guitarist with IRON MAIDEN, Spring 1977). Also sang for WARLOCK in early 1976.

Dave Murray - more or less a co-founder of IRON MAIDEN with Steve Harris (Mid 1976 - Nov 1976, Spring 1977 - present). Guitarist. Was in a couple of other bands previously: EVIL WAYS (1972 - 1974), a school group along with childhood friend Adrian Smith), URCHIN (early 1977, along with Adrian Smith). Also contributed to the HEAR'N AID project in 1986. Reportedly contributed to PSYCHO MOTEL's (Adrian Smith) second album, WELCOME TO THE WORLD.

Steve Harris - founder of IRON MAIDEN (Dec 1975 - present). Bass guitarist and back-up vocals. Was in bands INFLUENCE (which turned into GYPSY'S KISS) (1972 - 1973) and SMILER (1974-1975) previously. Several GYPSY'S KISS songs later became IRON MAIDEN songs, like "Burning Ambition" and "Drifter." Doug Sampson - 3rd drummer for IRON MAIDEN (Mid 1977 - Early 1980). Also original drummer for SMILER (1974 - 1975). Only recordings on "The Soundhouse Tapes" EP, "Burning Ambition".

Paul Di'anno - first recorded lead vocalist with IRON MAIDEN (Mid 1977 - Sep 1981). Recorded with IRON MAIDEN "The Soundhouse Tapes" EP, "Sanctuary" and "Wrathchild" on METAL FOR MUTHAS compilation, IRON MAIDEN album, KILLERS album, LIVE PLUS ONE live album, "Maiden Japan" (aka "Heavy Metal Army") EP, "Women In Uniform" EP, and "Sanctuary" EP.


BIRD OF PREY (before 1977) - not much around. LONE WOLF (1982 - ?) - not much around, but supposedly sounds like watered-down WHITESNAKE. This was a 6-piece band. GOGMAGOG (1985) - NWOBHM supergroup, featuring Di'anno on vocals, Pete Willis (DEF LEPPARD) and Jannick Gers (GILLAN) on guitars, Neil Murray (WHITESNAKE) on bass guitar, and Clive Burr (IRON MAIDEN) on drums. Released in 1985 a demo E.P. "I Will Be There." DI'ANNO (1984 - May 1985) - I don't know much about this band except it sounds like JOURNEY. Released an album Di'ANNO, as well as a single from this album "Heartuser" b/w "Road Rat" in 1984, under the FM Coast to Coast label (a division of Heavy Metal Records). Also released an album TWO SWIMMERS & A BAG OF JOCKIES in 1984 with Lee Slater (Guitars, Vocals), P J Ward (Guitars, Vocals), Kevin Browne (Bass, Vocals), Mark Venables (Keyboards), and Mark Stuart (Drums). Mark Stuart left the band before recording, so Dave Irving played drums on this album. (I *think* this information is correct!) PAUL DI'ANNO'S BATTLEZONE (1986 - 1987) - recorded in 1986 FIGHTING BACK and in 1987 CHILDREN OF MADNESS. Drummer on second album is Steve Hopgood of famed NWOBHM band PERSIAN RISK. "ALL-STAR" PROJECT (1989) - with Lea Heart back in '89. The album was recorded somewhere in the UK, and the participants were a Japanese band around Tak Yonemochi, Paul Di'Anno, Dennis Stratton, some of Saxon, etc. - about 15 - 20 people altogether. The album seems to have been produced for the Japanese market, so there is little English text on the cover, mostly Japanese... Either the band or the album is called "Kaizoku". Anybody have any more information? PRAYING MANTIS& Paul Di'anno, Dennis Stratton (1990) - recorded on the PRAYING MANTIS reunion in Japan LIVE AT LAST in 1990. Other members are Tino Troy and Chris Troy of PRAYING MANTIS and STRATUS, Dennis Stratton of LIONHEART, and Bruce Bisland of Weapon and Statetrooper. (Jan 1992 - present) - featured Steve Hopgood on drums and Nick Burr (Clive Burr's brother) on guitars. Released MURDER ONE in 1992. Tony Parsons - first official 2nd lead guitarist for IRON MAIDEN (End of 1979 for 10 weeks). Recorded "Sanctuary" and "Wrathchild" on the METAL FOR MUTHAS compilation.

Ron Matthews - 1st drummer for IRON MAIDEN. Replaced by Barry Graham. No more information is available.

Barry Graham - 2nd drummer for IRON MAIDEN. Replaced by Doug Sampson. No more information is available.

Dennis Stratton - second official 2nd lead guitarist (Jan 1980 - Oct 1980). With IRON MAIDEN recorded on the IRON MAIDEN album, "Women In Uniform" EP, subsequent singles, and LIVE PLUS ONE live album.


REMUS DOWN BOULEVARD (Any more information?) LIONHEART (Oct 1980 - 1985) - first NWOBHM supergroup, with Jess Cox (TYGERS OF PAN TANG) on vocals, Stratton on guitar, Steve Mann on guitar, Rocky Newton on bass guitar, and Frank Noon (DEF LEPPARD, soon to be in WAYSTED) on drums. Though formed in 1980, never recorded anything until 1985, an album HOT TONIGHT, then split. All-Stars NWOBHM(1990) - all-star lineup which includes members and ex members of FASTWAY, SAMSON, GIRLSCHOOL, IRON MAIDEN, PRAYING MANTIS, WHITESNAKE, BLIZZARD OF OZZ, etc. Recorded an album ALL-STARS NWOBHM in 1990. PRAYING MANTIS& Paul Di'anno, Dennis Stratton (1990) - played on their reunion in Japan and in 1990 released LIVE AT LAST as lead guitarist and co-lead vocalist with the Troy brothers and Paul Di'anno. PRAYING MANTIS - after the reunion became their lead vocalist and guitarist opposite Tino Troy. Released album PREDATORS IN DISGUISE in 1991.

Clive Burr - 4th drummer for IRON MAIDEN (Jan 1980 - Dec 1982). Recorded on all that Dennis Stratton recorded with the band, KILLERS album, "Maiden Japan" EP, and THE NUMBER OF THE BEAST album.


SAMSON(Early 1978 - 1979) - original drummer, played on first NWOBHM single ever "Mr. Rock N Roll" with Chris Aylmer on bass and Paul Samson on guitars and vocals. CLIVE BURR'S ESCAPE (1983?) - Recorded a session for Radio 1 on the BBC in the UK. Anyone know anthing else about this one? STRATUS(1985) - With Tino and Chris Troy. Recorded "Throwing Shapes" on Steel Trax (Steel 31001), produced by Norman Goodman. TYGON(formely STRATUS) - The brief name change to TYGON was abandoned after a little while, 'cos they found several other things with that name. PRAYING MANTIS (?) - one of their many drummers in their history. Recorded "The Soundhouse Tapes Part II," and "Captured City" on METAL FOR MUTHAS compilation. Was very good friend of next PRAYING MANTIS drummer Dave Potts. TRUST (1983? - ?) - replaced Nicko McBrain as a session drummer for the album "Trust" (1982). This is not to be confused with their 1979 debut album, which is also called "Trust". TRUST is regarded by many to be the greatest French heavy metal band ever. GOGMAGOG(Jun 1985 - ?) - drummer on "I Will Be There" EP. That is all the band recorded. DESPERADOS1990 - ?) - formed by Dee Snyder (TWISTED SISTER) fame. Included Bernie Torme (guitar) and Marc Russel (bass). Recorded an album which was never officially released, but a bootleg CD called BLOODIED, BUT UNBOWED was released in 1996. None of the members have legal access to any material on the album. ELIXIR (?) - drummer on second album LETHAL POTION. As far as I know he's still in ELIXIR. TRUE BRITS(1992) - Releasd an album READY TO RUMBLE in 1992 with Lea Hart (Vocals, Guitar), Dave Senczak (Guitar), Dennis Stratton (Vocals, Guitar), and Mel Gagbbltas (Bass). This might not actually be a band. I think they (Clive, Dennis, etc.) just joined the album of Lea Hart (ex-FASTWAY). There are many (36) names of special guests on this album, for example, Scott Gorham, Neil Murray, Paul Di'Anno, Eddie Clarke, Paul Samson, Gary Barden, Tino Troy, etc.

Adrian Smith - guitarist for IRON MAIDEN (Oct 1980 - Jan 1990). Dave Murray's longtime friend and former guitarist of URCHIN, among many other bands. Played guitar on everything after Dennis Stratton left, and was permanent member for more than 9 years. His last recording with IRON MAIDEN is the "Infinite Dreams" EP, recorded live on the Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son World Tour, leaving a legacy of one song "Hooks In You" on the next album NO PRAYER FOR THE DYING.


EVIL WAYS (1972 - 1974) - a school group with Dave Murray. URCHIN (1974 - Spring 1980) - guitarist and vocals. Released 2 DJM singles ("Black Leather Fantasy" and "She's A Roller", both of which are pretty hard to find apparently), then split up. Was originally offered Maiden gig early in 1980, but was still convinced URCHIN could make it. Band members were Andy Barnett on guitar, Barry Tyler on drums, and Alan Levett on bass. BROADWAY BRATS (Mid 1980 - Oct 1980) - along with Andy Barnett on guitar, Jeb Million on vocals (formerly with BLAZER BLAZER), Steve Wells on bass (also formerly with BLAZER BLAZER), and Ian Richardson on drums (also formerly with BLAZER BLAZER).| A.S.A.P. (1989 - ?) - formed in 1989, featuring Zak Starkey, son of Beatles drummer Ringo, on drums. Recorded in 1989 SILVER AND GOLD and an EP. Changed their name (?) to the UNTOUCHABLES. Andy Barnett on guitars as well, Dave Colwell also on guitars, Robin Clayton on bass, and Richard Young on keyboards as well. Quite a different sound that IRON MAIDEN! UNTOUCHABLES (Aug 1992 - ?) - a band made up of half the people in A.S.A.P. (there were a lot of members in A.S.A.P.). Gary Liederman on bass, Huey Lucas on guitar, and Bob Richards on drums. MICHAEL KISKE(1996) - contributed as "guest guitarist" on MICHAEL KISKE's album INSTANT CLARITY. PSYCHO MOTEL (? - ?) - not much info about this band, but they are supposed to have released two albums: STATE OF MIND and WELCOME TO THE WORLD. BRUCE DICKINSON(Spring 1997 - Feb 1999) - playing guitar together with his former IRON MAIDEN mate. Released two albums, ACCIDENT OF BIRTH (1997) and CHEMICAL WEDDING (1998). ALICE COOPER(1999) - Performed "Black Widow" on the Alice Cooper tribute album named "Humanary Stew", together with Bruce (Dickinson). Adrian (and Bruce Dickinson) joined IRON MAIDEN again in February 1999, after months of speculations.

Nicko McBrain (Michael Henry McBrain) - longtime friend of the band, Clive Burr's replacement (Dec 1982 - present). Recorded everything from the beginning of the PIECE OF MIND sessions and is still a member. Member of French heavy metal group TRUST, considered the best French heavy metal in all rock history by many), among many other bands he was in.

STREETWALKERS (Feb 1975 - Jul 1976) - Nicko's first pro band, with Roger Chapman on vocals, Charlie Whitney on guitar, and several others, including Billy Day. PAT TRAVERS BAND(1977) - Recorded on the album PUTTING IT STRAIGHT in 1977 along with Pat Travers (Gurtar, Keyboards, and Vocals), and Peter Mars Cowling (Bass). Also played on the album HEAT IN THE STREET JENNY DARREN(?) - Anyone know about this one? TRAUMA(?) - Anyone know about this one? McKITTY(?) - Anyone know about this one? TRUST (? - End 1982) - Legendary French heavy metal band, considered by many to be the best heavy metal in France. Apparently Nicko got pissed off with the musical direction (not to mention the commute to Paris everytime they had to rehearse).

Bruce Dickinson - recorded everything with IRON MAIDEN since the THE NUMBER OF THE BEAST sessions up until A REAL DEAD ONE (Sep 1981 - Sep 1993).


STYX- (Help, any more information?) SPEED (?) - A cross between the STRANGLERS, JUDAS PRIEST and DEEP PURPLE, with keyboards. There is a 7" single from Speed with two songs, "On The Road" and "Man On The Streets", that was recorded in early 1977 and released in 1980. SHOTS (1977 - 1979) - based on street theatrics, sounded more like Deep Purple and Ian Gillan Band stuff as well as SPEED, but more hard rock. Also never recorded. SAMSON (Jun 1979 - Aug 1981) - Recorded SURVIVORS (1979) for the band but never released it. Dickinson was on this album but as guitarist and harmonica player. He was a kind-of member at this time since he said he didn't want to join the band until he graduated from college, which by this time was only two weeks away). A previous version of SURVIVORS was already on the presses and so they wrote HEAD ON, and then toured in support of the two albums. Last album with Bruce (aka Bruce Bruce) was SHOCK TACTICS, in 1981. In 1990 Paul Samson released LIVE AT READING '81 with Dickinson. During his tenure with SAMSON, SAMSON were regarded the most popular, equalled only by DEF LEPPARD, IRON MAIDEN, and SAXON. Paul Samson continued on with SAMSON with Nicky Moore (formerly with TIGER). The first 3 albums also had former IRON MAIDEN drummer Thunderstick (Spring 1977 - Mid 1977). OTHER PROJECTOTHER PROJECT (1983) - Appeared on "Lone Wolf", the B-side of XERO's "Oh Baby" single, released without BRUCE DICKINSON's or IRON MAIDEN's permission.It's actually a demo recording of exceptionally poor quality that Bruce did while Xero was recording in a studio Bruce happened to be in (he knew the guys in Xero from his early days with Samson as both bands were popular in the NWOBHM realm). At any rate, the single was pulled from the stores right after it was released under pressure from Maiden's management and repressed with an instrumental number titled "Killer Frog" in place of "Lone Wolf". MR. BEAN & SMEAR CAMPAIGN(1992) - Together with Rowan Atkinson (Mr. Bean) and TASTE, Bruce Dickinson recorded ELECTED (Alice Cooper) to raise charity funds. The CD single contains: 1. (I want to be) ELECTED Mr. Bean & Smear Campaign (Featuring Bruce Dickinson) 2. (I want to be) ELECTED Smear Campaign (Featuring Bruce Dickinson) 3. THE MANIFESTO Mr. Bean The second track is the song ELECTED by TASTE with Bruce on vocals. The third track is an election manifesto read by Mr. Bean. The first track is a mix of both. Apparently there is also a video. The whole thing is rather humorous, it probably is more so if you are British. BRUCE DICKINSON SOLO PROJECT - released an album TATTOOED MILLLIONAIRE with future Maiden guitarist Jannick Gers in 1990, as well as wrote "Bring Your Daughter...To The Slaughter" for the Nightmare On Elm Street Part V - The Dream Child soundtrack. Though disbanded soon after the tour, it will probably be resurrected in some form or another soon enough. Solo band also included Andy Carr on bass, and Fabio Del Rio on drums, and toured a little while Mid 1990. THE EARTHQUAKE ALBUM / ROCK AID ARMENIA< (1990) - This is a compilation the sales of which went towards helping the people of Armenia stricken by the 1990 earthquake. The first track is SMOKE ON THE WATER '90 and is a sort of all-star performance of the classic DEEP PURPLE song. Bruce sings the 2nd verse of the song. (This performance also features names like Ritchie Blackmore, Ian Gillan, Tony Iommi, Dave Gilmour, Roger Taylor, Brian May, Bryan Adams, Keith Emerson and others). BALLS TO PICASSO (1994) - Bruce's continuing solo project. NATIVITY IN BLACK (1994) - The Black Sabbath Tribute features Bruce on the vocals in "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath," with Godspeed. SKUNKWORKS(1996) DREAM THEATER(1997) - It seems that BRUCE DICKINSON is standing behind the microphone on a song called PERFECT STRANGERS on DREAM THEATER's double live album from Amsterdam (Holland/Netherland) on 17th of April, 1997. According to the CD booklet, the track was recorded in January 1995. ACCIDENT OF BIRTH (1997) - Bruce's continuing solo project, together with former IRON MAIDEN guitarist Adrian Smith. CHEMICAL WEDDING (1998) - Bruce's continuing solo project, together with former IRON MAIDEN guitarist Adrian Smith. ALICE COOPER (1999) - Performed "Black Widow" on the Alice Cooper tribute album named "Humanary Stew", together with Adrian (Smith). Bruce joined Iron Maiden again in February 1999, taking Adrian Smith with him.

Janick Gers- Adrian Smith's successor (until Adrian joined again). (Jan 1990 - present). Performed on everything beginning with the NO PRAYER FOR THE DYING sessions.


WHITE SPIRIT (Mid 1975 - Jun 1981) - another very popular NWOBHM band. Recorded classic WHITE SPIRIT in 1980, then soon departed to join GILLAN. Mick Tucker of AXIS replaced him. GILLAN (Jun 1981 - Dec 1982) - Replaced former guitarist Bernie Torme and recorded DOUBLE TROUBLE (1981), a 2 LP set, 1 studio + one live (now available on one CD from Virgin). Live portion was from the Reading Festival 1981). Bernie Torme plays guitar on one of the live tracks, "If You Believe Me", recorded earlier. Janick also appears on MAGIC (1982), another studio LP, now also available on CD from Virgin, with some single b-sides and outtakes. When in GILLAN he used to play a cover of BLACK NIGHT which he later did with Bruce Dickinson and is now available on a Dickinson single. Gillan fell apart when Ian Gillan thought there was going to be a DEEP PURPLE reunion. When that didn't happen, Ian joined BLACK SABBATH, recording BORN AGAIN, before the DEEP PURPLE reunion eventually happened in 1984. DI'ANNO (Jan 1985 - May 1985) - With Frank Noon on drums, along with others. Anyone know about this one? GOGMAGOG (Jun 1985 - ?) - you've read this one enough times already. FISH (1988? - 1990?) - ex-Marillion singer's band. Janick was doing studio sessions for them for a while, he appeared live with them in March of 1989, and also on FISH's VIGIL IN A WILDERNESS OF MIRRORS playing guitar on "View From A Hill" and co-writing "View From A Hill" and "Family Business". BRUCE DICKINSON SOLO PROJECT - you just read it a few minutes ago.

Blaze Bayley - (Dec 1993 - Feb 1999) - joined IRON MAIDEN at the turn of the new year, following Bruce Dickinson's departure in September 1993. Left IRON MAIDEN in February 1999, after Bruce Dickinson's arrival.


WOLFSBANE (1987 - 1993) - Debuted with LIVE FAST, DIE FAST (1989) which according to Kerrang was good material but rendered impotent by an uncharacteristically weak Rick Rubin production. In 1990 an EP titled ALL HELL'S BREAKING LOOSE DOWN AT LITTLE KATHY WILSON'S PLACE restored their credibility. In 1991 they released DOWN FALL ALL THE GOOD GUYS which was their last record with Def American. In Feb. 1993 a proud and defiant live album called MASSIVE NOISE INJECTION was released with Bronze Records and another album titled WOLFSBANE was to be released in February 1994 and was in the process of being mixed when Blaze decided to front Iron Maiden. Blaze considers the Bronze releases to be the best of all Wolfsbane's albums. IRON MAIDEN: X Factor (1995) Virtual XI (1998)

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