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Metal For Muthas

Album "Metal For Muthas" jest składanką kilku utworów wykonywanych przez zespoły nurtu "New Wave Of British Heavy Metal". Grupy te to : Iron Maiden, Sledgehammer, E.F.Band, Toad The Wet Sprocket, Praying Mantis, Ethel The Frog, Angelwitch, Samson, Nutz. Będąc całkowicie obiektywnym stwierdzam, że na płycie tej i tak liczy się tylko Iron Maiden. Do tego wydawnictwa znowu przyłożył rękę znany z "The Soundhouse Tapes" DJ Neal Key. Tu także umieścił kilka słów we wkładce.

"Metal For Muthas the title of this L.P. virtually speaks for itself. Metal for all the real Muthas that have been loyal to the cause, and who helped support it through the recent two-year crisis and, also Metal for all the other Muthas that together, contrived to bury it over the last few years. However, real talent cannot be ignored forever. Fashion is a five-minute wonder and when the rush of commercialism is over, real talent is left - exposed for all to see. I have been given the honour of adding sleeve notes to this L.P. which is a collection of talent (in many cases, the seeds of which were sown in the very hardest of times) currently leading the field in what has now become known as, the new wave of heavy metal. I believe that the artists featured on this album are amongst the finest in their class, and, having opened the way, more are emerging, almost weekly, to add their stamp of originality on hard rock music. All new talent needs a break if it is going to be allowed to mature, and metal is no different. It merely needs more exposure than other music forms because it enjoys the least amount of media publicity and promotion. That is one of the main reasons for this L.P. being put together. Hard rock is an expression of emotion, heart-felt and sincerely delivered this album is the proof. Metal is for Muthas - it is here to stay so the whole world had better get used to the idea! The L.P. tracks are not stagnant, dated or jaded, but fresh, original and dramatically hard. Honest and accurate in content, with all the talent and energy that will carry it into the eighties and beyond, this is an album that is a unique collectors' item today, and a recorded legacy for the rising fans and musicians of tomorrow." Neal Kay.

Ponieważ ten metalowy DJ miał duże ambicje stać się ojcem Heavy Metalu w Anglii bardzo naciskał na Maiden aby umieścili swoje nagrania na tej kompilacji. Mimo sporej promocji album nie okazał się być jakimś "kamieniem milowym" w ówczesnej muzyce a sam Kay niestety został wkrótce zapomniany.

"Sanctuary" - jest to wczesna wersja tego utworu. Zagrany jest trochę wolniej niż później na singlu czy płycie.

"Wrathchild" - podobnie jak Sanctuary. Kawałek zagrany wolniej i mniej engicznie niż na albumie "Killers". Tę wersje "Wrathchild'a" można usłyszeć na żywo na bootlegach z lat '79-'80.


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